The University of Central Lancashire

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in Preston was founded in 1828. ‘From the Earth to the Sun’, has been its motto ever since. From state-of-the-art facilities and world class teaching and support to help undergraduate students succeed, to providing world-leading Astrophysics researchers with the opportunity to work with NASA and photograph the Sun, UCLan has it all.

UCLan has evolved over the years to become a world class institution, recognised with its inclusion in the 2010 QS World Rankings – the first Modern University in the UK to gain this status.


UCLan has been at the forefront of developing degrees in the emerging disciplines of Journalism, Fashion, Forensics and Sports Science. The range of excellence extends to include the likes of Pharmacy, Architecture, Astrophysics and the first new School of Dentistry to be launched in the UK in more than a century.

There are around 2,200 places available in UCLan halls of residence for first year students. The halls are either owned or leased by UCLan, are located within or very close to the heart of the main campus. Students will live in flats which include a kitchen diner and some, a communal area. They have the option of standard or en-suite bedrooms, which are priced accordingly.