The Student Financial Support Fund is available for applicants who are not only from low-income families, but also for those who show strong motivation to study abroad with further use of the acquired education.

The Support Fund is used to cover the applicant’s learning expenses and any additional costs that are related to the applicant’s or student’s study abroad.

The funding is available to all applicants who are in process of applying to a UG or PG degree in England, Scotland, USA, Canada, Estonia, Denmark and the Netherlands. SFSF works with the applicant and any supporting organization or agency to achieve the best results for the applicant.

•             The grant is available for Undergraduate applicants/students

•             The grant is available for Postgraduate applicants/students

SFSF is only intended to be an additional funding, so assistance should also be sought from other funding sources. More information is available at

Some universities have their own additional funding. Applications of these funding’s are available at the universities’ home pages in the fees & funding section.

Specific eligibility criteria exist for the Student Financial Support Fund which also determines whether applications are approved or declined. The Funds are open to anyone who meets the criteria. The eligibility criteria and funding limits are set by organization ’International Education & Cultural Exchange’.

We give out financial support from 300€ to 1500€ for the applicants who meet the eligibility criteria and show a strong motivation to study abroad. The applications are accepted from 1. November and the committees’ decision will be made on 20.August.