The number of students who choose to pursue education abroad has increased annually. Main reasons which motivate students to continue with their studies abroad are high recognition of foreign universities and of courses great work placement opportunities, which will give better chances on the job market.

Unfortunately, there are many good students whose financial circumstances won`t allow them to continue with their studies. For that reason we have created a fund, with the main goal to offer financial support for those who are in a great need of financial assistance and who show a strong motivation to obtain a higher education in a foreign university.

To increase the funds, we would be interested in co-operating with different companies and  higher education institutions which could be beneficial for both sides. By financing the fund it will create a positive image of your organisation and help to promote your organisation amongst the target audience.

The importance of organisation`s reputation is clear for everyone. That is why choosing the most beneficial tools of advertising is very important as it has immediate effect. To recruit more foreign students and increase the number of customers our organization is offering advertising opportunities which will help to reach your target group.

By giving your financial support we are offering you a chance to promote your organisation in several ways and communicate with your audiences more effectively. These advertising tools include promotion on the fund`s website, representation in educational fairs and print advertising.

To find out more about our offers please contact us by e-mail.

Student Financial Support Fund

e-mail: info@fundforstudents.org