Careers Directory

Ten career paths

Making career decisions is never easy. When deciding on your future career you should consider such aspects as your personal qualities and the level of education up until this point.

Furthermore, you should ask yourself:

  • Does the work I would be doing suit me?
  • How will this work affect my personal life (free time, stress, level of danger)?
  • Is this work in high demand in the current economy?
  • Are there any similar types of work that I could do?

The careers directory is aimed at young people who anticipate achieving, or already have, a range of grades in school. It is also important to understand that University is not for everyone and you need to feel free to look into different alternatives.

You are best advised to study something that will really interest you. If there is a subject you enjoy and do well at, you may wish to continue with it in Higher Education.

Many of the careers covered in the careers directory require a university degree as a starting point.  Make sure you research all the options that are out there or contact us for help in choosing a degree that will help you jump start your career.

The following careers are closely looked at and explained:

Biomedical  Engineer
Building Surveyor
Business Executive
Chemical Engineer
Construction Manager
Electrical Engineer
Events Manager
Landscape Architect
Leisure Service Manager
Logistics Manager
Marine Biologist
Marketing Executive
Materials Scientist/Engineer
Mining Engineer
Museum Keeper
Naval Architectist
Public Relations Executive
Speech/Language Coach
Sports Coach
Travel Agent
Textile Designer
Town Planner
Youth Worker

If a career of your interest is not listed, then please get in touch with us.

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