About us


MTÜ Rahvusvaheline Koolitus ja Kultuurivahetus (International Education and Cultural Exchange) is a non-profit organization which was founded in 2005. The organization is focused on young people and our main activity is to support students who want to pursue education abroad. For us it is important to offer various support for students who are continuing higher education abroad.

Access to high quality education has become more available, including for those whose financial circumstances could not previously allow it. There are many good and ambitious students who want to continue their studies but need some financial support to pursue their goals. That is why we have decided to support those students who otherwise won`t be able to continue their studies.

The organization also provides information regarding studying abroad, documentations and application process.

Information regarding accommodation and finding further financial support (ex. government grants) can be provided by our consultants.


Organization`s main priority is to motivate young people to pursue their education abroad and support them financially with the cost of education and living. Our goal is to increase the number of students who choose to study in European universities.

Our mission

The mission of the International Education and Cultural Exchange is to give good and financially unsecured students a chance to continue their higher education studies abroad and through this make them globally more competitive. Through the financial assistance we want to invest in future specialists and talents.

The fund is directed towards students who require financial support.

Although education in many European countries is free of charge or is financed by a student loan, some students require financial help for additional costs, such as accommodation, food, personal and unforeseen expenses.

Priorities & distribution

The student support fund is meant for students who:

  • Are in great need of financial assistance
  • Are in need of financing their additional learning expenses
  • Have certain goals related to the education process

The funds are managed and distributed by a non-profit association International Education & Cultural Exchange. The distribution of grants is based on the decision of the committee after the association is provided with the required application form and documentation.

The grant is provided not only for the students from low-income families, but also for those who show strong motivation to study abroad with further use of the acquired education.

Please register in order to get more information regarding the grant.
The financial support is meant for students who apply for bachelor and postgraduate programmes.